Retaining managed services providers to address shortages in skilled Salesforce personnel and following best practices help companies and organizations maximize their Salesforce investment.

DENVER, CO, January 14, 2021 – Spinnaker Support, leading global provider of Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce third-party support and managed services, today announced the publication of a new research report, “Salesforce Customer Success: Roadblocks and Recommendations.” The research indicates that most companies have plans to expand their Salesforce ecosystem, but many are struggling to execute daily work and secure skilled people for improvements. 

Spinnaker Support sponsored a third-party research project through Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), an agnostic technology research and advisory firm, to identify and survey dedicated Salesforce decision-makers and professionals. The goal was to determine how effective Salesforce customers are at maintaining and optimizing their Salesforce environment, especially during the global pandemic. 

The results of this new research provide compelling evidence that companies often need external help and additional expertise to maximize their Salesforce investment. This study also identifies recommendations to achieve Salesforce excellence. 

The research reported found: 

  • Many companies are struggling with the administration and maintenance of their Salesforce ecosystems: only 40% of respondents said their organizations are very good at handling these daily tasks, while 60% reported delays or confusion. 
  • Even more companies find it challenging to implement new Salesforce functionality: 38% reported only marginal success, and only 8% gave their organizations the top mark for this work. 
  • There’s a lot of groundwork to be done, with integration (30%) and optimization (29%) of existing systems among the top reported Salesforce goals for 2021. Implementing new cloud services was also picked by 29% of respondents. 
  • Most companies want to expand their Salesforce ecosystem but report a lack of the right personnel or expertise to achieve the specific goals they have in mind (62%). This was followed by a lack of time to research new solutions (23%). 
  • The right managed service provider (MSP) can make a difference: Only 45% of companies we surveyed are engaged with a Salesforce MSP, and they report an average satisfaction rating of 3.2 on a 5-point scale, indicating both high potential value and the need to pick your provider with care. 

“Salesforce’s relentless expansion of its ecosystem provides businesses with exciting opportunities for innovation and companies struggle to keep up,” stated Chad Stewart, Vice President of SaaS Global Support Services at Spinnaker Support. “Working with the right Salesforce managed service provider to maintain and improve a Salesforce environment is a proven approach for success. Companies that integrate the latest offerings will improve customer engagement programs, close more deals, and separate themselves from those that do not.” 

The results above, plus additional insights, are available for download from the Spinnaker Support web site

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