Why SAP Customers Always Benefit from Third-Party Support

During the product lifecycle, organizations often experience slow, inadequate, or increasingly expensive vendor support. They ultimately become dissatisfied with the value they receive and seek out alternative support solutions that can provide more customized and responsive service – for a fair price.

CSM Bakery Solutions did just this. They provide innovative premium bakery ingredients, finished products, and services to customers in more than 100 countries. From 2017 to 2021, they moved their SAP software support to Spinnaker Support to massively reduce their IT maintenance spend but also to improve the quality of their support.

“What was good about Spinnaker Support, is that right from the start we had continuous communication. They gave us all the information and they kept us updated. From a monetary point of view, SAP maintenance is expensive and quite hard to work with. We wanted to work with a named person all the time and we got that from Spinnaker Support.”
Danny McCarthy – Senior Manager, CSM Bakery Solutions