Oracle License Compliance Assurance and Audit Defense, Paving the Way to Third-Party Support

Many Oracle customers are seriously investigating third-party support as an alternative to Oracle’s expensive, low touch, self-support model. To counter losing support customers, Oracle often leverages policies that make it hard for customers to reduce spend and their contracts are almost impossible for anyone outside of Oracle to understand. While moving to third-party support is not a primary trigger of Oracle audits, it is clear that the pace of Oracle’s audits continues to accelerate – regardless of your support status with Oracle; it’s not a matter of if, but when you will get audited.

To drive more value for the Oracle customer community, Spinnaker Support has added new services to help ensure software license compliance and to help organizations better prepare and defend against ongoing audits. Our customers will get a smoother, lower cost pathway to Spinnaker Support’s award-winning Oracle third-party support experience. Of course, we are completely independent from Oracle, so our services and advice are always unbiased and consultative – never locking you into one single direction.

Spinnaker Support has filled an important market gap by packaging a unique blend of services, so Oracle customers can dramatically cut support costs (by an average of 62%), negotiate out of restrictive and complex Oracle support contracts, better prepare for and defend against Oracle software audits, and maximize any future Oracle purchases.

License Readiness Review

Spinnaker Support offers a license readiness review service to assist Oracle customers with strategies regarding co-termination, common license sets, support renewal data alignment, and more. The scope of this service and associated deliverables is suited for organizations considering a switch to third-party Oracle support. This Readiness Review is designed to pave the way for a clean move to third-party support services and the cost of the review will be waived should a company enter into a services agreement with Spinnaker Support.

License Compliance Assurance Checks

Spinnaker Support also offers a full license compliance assurance check, to validate ongoing license compliance using the same process followed by Oracle’s Licensing Management team during an audit. We will develop company-specific strategies for mitigating the restrictive Oracle license and support policies that are barriers to taking full control of one’s Oracle product landscape and support strategy. This service includes reports outlining license optimization opportunities and license compliance recommendations, as well as high-level audit defense strategies against items that typically appear on an Oracle audit. As a Spinnaker Support customer, this service can be included as part of your ongoing support engagement.

Formal Audit Defense Services

Should the Spinnaker Support customer require more formal audit defense services, our global partners would provide deep-dive audit defense services at an attractive rate. Our partners have helped Oracle customers win 95% of the Oracle audits they’ve faced.

For Oracle Support customers looking for a better way, Spinnaker Support is neutralizing bottlenecks and paving the way to the third-party support model.


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