Continuously Improve Your SAP Sybase, SAP ASE, and SAP IQ Performance

Spinnaker Support is the only third-party support provider that delivers comprehensive managed service solutions and consulting for SAP Sybase (Adaptive Server Enterprise or ASE) products and surrounding technologies.

With Spinnaker Support managed services, we augment or assume complete responsibility for a range of IT operational functions and/or day-to-day technology management. We offer four distinct packages of managed services that cover your ongoing needs related to SAP Sybase.

Customers trust us to keep their Sybase database applications and surrounding technologies running smoothly, securely, and in compliance, and to help them navigate the journey from on-premise to hybrid to cloud when they are ready.

Managed Services and Consulting for SAP Sybase and SAP ASE

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, keeping your mission-critical enterprise applications running at peak performance is crucial. If your system goes down for any reason – even for just a few minutes, your business can face substantial losses in productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

That’s why organizations like yours want services such as 24/7 performance monitoring, improved technical management, and even managed cloud services – all while building a bridge between legacy and future database technologies. Spinnaker Support delivers these comprehensive managed service solutions and consulting for nearly all SAP Sybase products and surrounding technologies.

Dive Deeper

Our SAP Sybase experts help customers continuously improve their Sybase infrastructure with a range of services that include remote database administration to ensure uptime and optimize performance, backup and recovery to safeguard your database, database security and vulnerability protection, and round-the-clock database monitoring for performance, availability, and security.

Customers select our SAP Sybase managed services – either in tandem with or separate from our third-party support – because they receive:

  • Comprehensive and customized ITIL-centric services to augment your staff and provide additional expertise
  • Responsive services 24/7/365, remotely or on-site
  • Support from a global engineering team of Level 2 and 3 engineers that average 19+ years of experience with Sybase, ASE, and SAP
  • Escalation, when required, as we have the ability to bring in expert Level 4 staff
  • Help extending the life of stable, customized, and productive applications
  • Additional, immediate assistance via our third-party support and consulting teams

We have assembled large, knowledgeable, and award-winning global service teams of support engineers, application specialists, and DBAs to help you avoid or eliminate issues that can hobble system performance and cause disruption to your business.

On-Demand Overview of SAP Sybase Managed Services

If you’re struggling to get the most from your SAP Sybase ecosystem, then our managed services could be just what you needPresented by our SAP team, this 11-minute video provides you with a concise overview of the state of Sybase and an introduction to Spinnaker Support’s flexible and reliable Sybase Managed Services.

SAP Sybase Managed Services Packages

Spinnaker Support’s managed services encompass virtually every need for Sybase, ASE, and IQ and the surrounding technology environment. We offer four distinct packages that represent sets of managed services, and customers can select one or more of these to suit their operational needs. For organizations that desire an a la carte approach to support additional application, environment, and staffing needs, we offer the On-Demand package.  Click each icon to learn more about the individual packages.