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Since 2008, Spinnaker Support has delivered managed services and consulting alone or in combination with its third-party support for Oracle Database and the associated application and technology stack.

Our Oracle Database managed services and consulting knowledge and skillsets encompass virtually every Oracle enterprise application and the entire surrounding technology environment. These comprehensive services help to augment your staff, fill capability gaps, and improve your overall operability, often with less expense.

Through our award-winning Oracle engineers, Spinnaker Support offers four packages of managed services to support the differing needs of organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Get the help when you need it, how you need it, without getting locked into expensive, ever-expanding projects.

Managed Services and Consulting for Oracle Database and Technology

Spinnaker Support offers four packages that represent specific sets of managed services and value-add consulting on a project basis. Customers select our managed services – with or separate from our third-party support – because they receive:

  • Comprehensive and customized ITIL-centric services to augment your staff and provide additional expertise
  • Responsive services 24/7/365, remotely or on-site
  • Support from a global engineering team of Level 2 and 3 engineers that average 19+ years’ experience on Oracle Database
  • Escalation, when required, as we have the ability to bring in expert Level 4 staff
  • Help extending the life of stable, customized, and productive applications
  • Additional, immediate assistance via our third-party support and consulting teams

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We have assembled a large, knowledgeable, and award-winning global service team of support engineers, application specialists, and developers to help you avoid or eliminate issues that can hobble system performance and cause disruption to your business. Our resources are located in each of our international operations centers, where they support 14 languages for customers in 104 countries.

Healthcare Case Study

Case Study: A Non-Profit Healthcare Insurance Company

Health Insurance Company (anonymous customer) is a non-profit insurance company based in Colorado. Brought in to assist during an extended outage of their Oracle Database, Spinnaker Support has provided consulting, managed services, and eventually third-party support to help maintain their critical health data reporting infrastructure.

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Oracle Database Managed Services Packages

Spinnaker Support offers four packages that represent specific sets of managed services. Customers can select one of more of these to suit their operational needs. The On-Demand package is an a la carte approach to support additional application, environment, and staffing needs. Click each icon to learn more about the individual packages.

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Monitor & Advise

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Monitor & Operate

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Managed XaaS

The Monitor & Advise Package


For customers who want to outsource proactive, around-the-clock Oracle Database and Oracle Technology performance monitoring with immediate notification of performance issues their internal staff should address.

What It Includes

  • 24/7 performance monitoring of networks, servers, applications, operating systems, databases, etc. If a potential or actual issue arises, our team immediately alerts yours and provides guidance for resolving the situation.
  • Log tracking for spotting anomalous trends or issues
  • System health checks to compare variations in performance to a baseline performance level
  • Timely reports based on monitoring, log tracking, or health check results.

When to Consider

  • You want to dedicate your IT staff to other tasks than monitoring
  • Your systems must remain online and operating at peak performance

The Monitor & Operate Package


For customers who want to outsource around-the-clock Oracle Database and Oracle Technology performance monitoring and the day-to-day management of their basic IT operational functions and technologies.

What It Includes

The Monitor & Operate package includes all the features of the Monitor & Advise package and builds on it by adding incident management, where we identify and triage incidents in order of impact, risk, and urgency. Monitor and Operate includes:

  • 24/7 performance monitoring of networks, servers, applications, operating systems, databases, etc. If a potential or actual issue arises, our team immediately alerts yours and provides guidance for resolving the situation.
  • Log Tracking
  • Health Checks
  • Fast Issue Response – Level 2 and 3
  • Timely Reports
  • User Access Management
  • Database Patching
  • Security Patches
  • Backup Configuration/Schedule
  • Cloning

When to Consider

You need additional, experienced staff to ensure 24/7 monitoring and uptime for your enterprise applications, networks, and operating systems.

The On-Demand Package


For customers who want assistance beyond what is covered in the other three packages, we offer a package of on-demand managed services. This package represents a flexible, a la carte approach to managed services that supports additional application, environment, and staffing needs.

What It Can Include

This package includes – but is not limited to – services such as:

  • Major upgrade to database
  • Performance tuning
  • Server migration
  • Integration with third-party products
  • Custom development/extension
  • Installation & configuration of new databases
  • Disaster Recovery/High Availability setup

When to Consider

Plans change as your business grows. On-Demand Oracle Database and Oracle Technology services provide the help you need exactly when you need it.

Our experienced engineers know your systems and applications and can quickly assist with necessary, ongoing tasks that occur periodically and yet are beyond the standard tasks required to ensure system operations.

The Managed Cloud Package


For Oracle Database customers who require managed services for their next-generation XaaS solutions.

What It Includes

This package includes managed Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Not only can Spinnaker Support manage the migration (lift and shift) of Oracle Database to the public cloud, from initial assessment through design and deployment, we also provide services for the day-to-day infrastructure management in the cloud.

When to Consider

  • No in-house expertise for cloud applications or SaaS management
  • Need assistance migrating applications to the cloud
  • Need assistance managing cloud infrastructure

“Spinnaker Support provides an exceptionally high level of local support at an attractive price point and have quickly evolved into a natural extension of our own internal IT team. They consistently display in-depth Oracle application knowledge as pertains to our unique environment.”

Consulting Services for Oracle Database and Other Technologies

When the need arises for external assistance on high-impact and time-intensive projects, Spinnaker Support can help. In addition to our third-party support and managed services, we provide project-based consulting services, including:

  • Database migration strategy and deployment
  • Database architecture and design
  • Vulnerability and security assessments

If you have a need for assistance with a specific Oracle Database and Technology consulting project, please contact us directly to discuss the scope and details.

What We Support

As a vendor supporting and servicing nearly 12,000 Oracle Database instances, we are uniquely positioned to provide services around legacy products in various configurations:

  • Versions, Releases & Editions

    Oracle Database Release 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c (includes 18 and 19)

    We support the following Oracle Database editions:

    • Enterprise Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Database Products Covered

    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Database In-Memory
    • Oracle Multitenant
    • Real Application Clusters
    • Data Warehousing
    • High Availability
    • Database Security
  • Our Capabilities

    • Apps DBA duties
    • Apply patches
    • Managed application system administration
    • Configure technical application components
    • Core DBA duties
    • Backup
    • Space management
    • Database health checks
    • Triage of issues
    • Installation, configuration upgrade
    • Health check assessments
    • And more
  • Standalone or Combined Coverage

    We support Oracle Database alone or in conjunction with a wide variety of applications including:

    • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • JD Edwards
    • Siebel
    • SAP
    • Custom applications
    • Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • Oracle Technology
    • Virtually all other Oracle products
  • Supported Product Areas

    • Active Data Guard
    • Application Express
    • Database Vault
    • GoldenGate
    • Partitioning
    • Java
    • Advanced Compression
    • Configuration
    • Enterprise Manager
    • In-Memory Cache
    • Performance Tuning
    • SQL*Plus
    • SQL*Loader
    • Developer
    • PL/SQL
    • Advanced Security
    • Diagnostics
    • OLAP
    • Real Application Clusters (RAC)
    • Warehouse Builder
    • Workflow
    • And more
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware

    • Service Integration (SOA)
    • Business Product Management
    • Identity Management
    • Data Integration
    • EPM
    • BI
    • And more

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