November 07, 2017

November 7, 2017 | Lee Mashburn | VP Global Marketing

We recently launched a new savings calculator on our website home page, enabling prospective customers to estimate how much they can save by switching to Spinnaker Support. Our innovative pricing methodology nearly always drives the market’s lowest price point, easily surpassing the conventional “50% off what you’re paying now” approach instituted by others. Our customers realize an average savings of more than 60% compared to what the software providers charge. It goes without saying that inferior service for any price is unacceptable. Customers acknowledge our best-in-class SAP and Oracle support, consistently scoring us above 98% in annual satisfaction surveys. They appreciate our responsive full stack support as they journey from on-premise to hybrid to cloud.

As evidenced when utilizing the savings calculator, Spinnaker Support’s unique pricing model is transparent and straightforward.

  1. We align support fees with the way you’re using SAP and/or Oracle enterprise software. In other words, you get pricing concessions for your unused licenses and shelf-ware.
  2. We offer incentives for multi-year support agreements, i.e., the longer the initial term of commitment, the greater the discount you get.

It’s important to note that the 60+% average savings referenced above are fully attributable to the immediate, hard savings you gain from initial cutover to Spinnaker Support. Incremental soft savings are often realizable because we help you avoid unnecessary version upgrades. Additionally, our experienced support engineers minimize or eliminate your IT staff’s need to perform self-support work or to troubleshoot and resolve customized software and interface issues. We recommend that prospective clients focus on the immediate savings that will impact your bottom line from day one. Your soft savings will surface irrespective of which third-party support provider you choose. After combining hard and soft savings, many of our clients saved more than 90% compared to what they were paying for software vendor maintenance.

There are numerous reasons why nearly 1,000 clients spanning 104 countries have selected Spinnaker Support. The lowest price is just the icing on the cake. Please try out our savings calculator, see how much you can save, and download the PDF to get the most details. We are excited to explore the potential with you.