August 12, 2020 | Ji Seon Kim [email protected] | Electronic Times Internet Reporter


Spinnaker Support Korea, LLC (CEO Jae Sam Lee) said on the 12th that the company continues its long-term customer satisfaction by providing SAP expert service to HANSSEM.

Spinnaker Support Korea provides customized technical support services 24 hours a day and 365 days per year with customer-focused professional technical support specialists. They effectively manage the customer’s SAP environment through their third-party support, replacing SAP-provided support.

Spinnaker Support provides SAP maintenance, by utilizing professional resources for monitoring, management, and coordination before and after an error occurs. The customer saves an average of 62% on SAP and Oracle software support. This allows the customer to respond to the rapidly changing market environment and reallocate information technology (IT) personnel to focus on new IT innovation and continue to grow.

A source at HANSSEM said, “the maintenance of our SAP system that is a critical business basis is a prerequisite for the IT team and a verified partner is an important factor,” and that they “have not only secured cost reduction and manpower but also received a high level of service owing to the third-party professional maintenance service provided by Spinnaker Support.” As a result, it emphasized that “we have strengthened the core capability of the company due to the savings and rearrangement of manpower in the Coronavirus era,” and emphasized that “a reliable partner is important and we have a speedy response.”

Spinnaker Support achieves 98% customer satisfaction every year through its technological leadership and upgraded service level. It specializes in answering customer needs from SAP and Oracle third-party support, managed services, and project-based consulting. Spinnaker Support applies ISO9001 standards, placing importance on the protection of SAP and Oracle company IP and customer information.

Spinnaker Support Asia Pacific CEO Jae Sam Lee said, “the fact that Spinnaker Support is able to maintain a satisfactory and long-term customer relations since the Korea branch was established in 2017 suggests that it has been recognized as a reliable partner by its customers,” and that they “will contribute to the long-term business success of HANSSEM, world’s largest company in the residential environment, by providing stable maintenance support.”