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Spinnaker Support is one of two recognized “pure play” vendors providing third-party support for Oracle and SAP enterprise software. Since inception in 2008, Spinnaker Support has proven that third-party support is legitimate and a great value when delivered in the right way. Our policies, processes, and practices were built from day-one to ensure legal compliance – while providing premier support for significantly less cost. Over 400 customers have benefited from our services.

The second pure play vendor, Rimini Street, will soon be pitted in court versus Oracle to defend against charges for massive theft of intellectual property (Oracle v. Rimini Street, Nevada Federal District Court, Case 2:10-cv-00106-LRH-PAL). A July 7, 2015 statement by Oracle reveals they will seek “more than $200 million in damages” and an “injunction that would stop Rimini from continuing its current business model”. The U.S. District Court in Las Vegas dismissed Rimini Street’s counterclaims against Oracle alleging “defamation and unfair competition” last August agreeing with Oracle that Rimini had engaged in “massive theft” of Oracle intellectual property.

Spinnaker Support respects the intellectual property rights of SAP and Oracle, and has adopted and implemented a stringent intellectual property policy to ensure that we do not violate the rights of others.  All of our employees are required to sign and adhere to this policy to avoid unauthorized use of any third-party software code and copyrighted materials.

Spinnaker Support customers choose us because they know that we deliver world-class support without the legal and financial stress (or issues). Our customers gain a high level of support at a fraction of the cost, and they consistently rate us above 98% satisfaction level. Additionally, Spinnaker Support retains customers at a 90.5% rate.  Simply put, we are very good at what we do and work diligently to implement and protect the intellectual property rights of our customers and third-party software publishers.

1. Precedent set in the Oracle vs. SAP $356.7 million settlement for the case regarding TomorrowNow.

2. Oracle press release dated July 24, 2015, Federal Court Increases Damages Amount Oracle Can Seek Against Rimini Street

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