September 15, 2023

Spinnaker Support is in San Francisco for day three of Dreamforce 2023, serving as your direct connection to session highlights. We just left “Developer Keynote: The Future of Development” and are still contemplating the many challenges and directions that developers need to tackle as AI changes how users interact with Salesforce.

In case you weren’t able to attend this session, we have a number of key takeaways for you:

Building a Trustworthy AI Experience

  • Because AI is still fairly new, most people are afraid it’ll consume their sensitive data, making it necessary to build trust in the application by finding a different source of data for their AI to consume.
  • Salesforce recommends thinking of generative AI like a user, asking themselves questions like “What kind of a journey would AI use to get the answer?” and then using data and assumptions to guide their AI to the answer.
  • Developers are also encouraged to prompt AI on how to respond when it arrives at conflicting or incomplete answers.

AI Has Two Functions: Automate and Orchestrate

  • AI is capable of providing overarching ideas that focus on outcomes in response to such prompts as “Give me some ideas for…”
  • AI is also proficient at automation, in which it can respond to a prompt by performing a specific set of tasks that require a given skill — such a prompt might be “Send a personalized introductory email to…”

Generative AI is far more than a fancy chatbot, and training it has a learning curve — albeit one with a huge pay-off. With Salesforce’s dedication to innovation, we are eager to experience their AI at its full potential and look forward to when interactions begin transforming into dialogs, rather than a linear path of button clicks.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce 2023 session coverage — and be sure to contact Spinnaker Support directly to chatd about Salesforce’s newest improvements and how to apply them to your ecosystem.