Spinnaker Support’s Third-Party Support Intellectual Property (IP) FAQ

How can Spinnaker Support provide support for Oracle and SAP software without violating third-party software IP terms and conditions?

Easily—we don’t have a need to violate IP terms and conditions! World-class support is about customer focused processes and a commitment to client satisfaction. Our solution expertise, both functional and technical, comes from our team of highly experienced and skilled support engineers that average 19 years of experience supporting Oracle and SAP enterprise applications.

Our support is performed entirely through remote connections to our clients’ systems and environments. Spinnaker Support staff does not possess any Oracle or SAP environments on its computers and performs all work just as a consultant would do sitting in a client’s office. Almost 100% of the fixes we provide are authored by our support team and are client specific—we don’t share code between clients nor do we access any password protected websites from third-party software vendors like Oracle or SAP to provide these fixes.

Does Spinnaker Support have an IP Policy?

Yes. Spinnaker Support has a strict policy to protect the IP of Spinnaker Support, our clients, and all third-party software vendors used by our clients. Our IP Policy is communicated to each of our support team members and each is required to read and understand the policy on a regular basis. This IP Policy is strict and undergoes a comprehensive legal review. The highlights of this policy are communicated to our clients to ensure that their staff, their vendors, and Spinnaker Support’s legal interests are protected. We review the IP Policy internally on a regular basis and provide updates as necessary. All updates are communicated to our clients.

Documented within our comprehensive Support IP Policy is a list of items from software vendors which Spinnaker Support WILL NOT download, store, or receive from our clients. Spinnaker Support WILL NOT download to any Spinnaker Support systems, any material from a vendor on a client’s behalf – no tools, no documentation, no patches, etc.

The following list defines what Spinnaker Support considers third-party property:

  • Vendor objects and source code
  • Vendor created solutions
  • Vendor created documentation and training materials
  • Vendor user interfaces and screen captures of those interfaces
  • System logs, application logs, traces, or diagnostic reports
  • Vendor created design documents
  • Vendor data including metadata, demo data, training data
  • Vendor formatted output and reports

If you don’t have access to vendor patches, how do you support bug fixes for your clients?

Spinnaker Support authors virtually all client fixes via our support and development engineers and does not require access to vendor patches. When a client ends their maintenance agreement with their software vendor, they no longer have access to that vendor’s password protected websites, thus no access to downloads or patches. Although a vendor’s patch may fix a client’s issue, often times the generic patch they are provided causes other parts of the software to break creating more problems. Spinnaker Support prepares every fix to match each client’s unique needs, so there is little risk of other problems arising.

How do you deliver code or fixes to your clients?

Spinnaker Support’s policy is to keep the results of our work product, in the form of software modifications and updates we create, on the client’s servers. At the closure of each case, the support resource ensures the client-specific work product and any related or client-specific supporting documents used while solving the client issue, have been located on the client’s machine(s). The resulting code fix is the property of the client and/or the software vendor and IS NOT stored on any Spinnaker Support computers once the case has been closed.

Do you keep back-ups of client data?

No. Spinnaker Support’s clients acknowledge and agree that Spinnaker Support will not make or store copies of client data or any supported products on Spinnaker Support systems. Our customers are solely responsible for making and storing emergency back-ups of their supported products.

Can you share your IP Policy with me?

Yes. Please contact us at 877-476-0576 to speak with a Spinnaker Support representative or you may email your request to info@spinnakersupport.com and we’ll be happy to share our IP Policy with you.