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Q Series Integrator

The Q Series Integrator for JD Edwards World Payroll

According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, almost half of the companies surveyed cited fear of disruption to the business as a reason that they would not upgrade. The report also stated “when upgrades are forced, the costs may cause an organization to look for alternative solutions”.

For many organizations running older versions JD Edwards (JDE) World Payroll, an upgrade decision is being forced upon them. Effective December 2013, Vertex Payroll Tax L Series (PTL) will be retired, leaving Vertex Payroll Tax Q Series (PTQ) as a replacement solution. Organizations running JDE World Payroll A7.3, A8.1, A9.1 or A9.2 cannot utilize PTQ without upgrading to World A9.3. Oracle has integrated the new Payroll Tax Q Series (PTQ) into JDE World A9.3, so the only way to have vital payroll tax calculations January 2014 is to upgrade. An upgrade may not be in your ERP strategy at this time.

Spinnaker Support has developed a custom application that can be applied to any JDE World version A7.3 – A9.2 running IBM OS V5R4 or greater providing integration to the new supported PTQ from your old version of JDE World. There is no need to upgrade to World A9.3 to continue receiving vital, accurate payroll tax calculations provided by PTQ. This solution has minimal impact, is cost effective, and will be supported by Spinnaker Support as long as the integration solution is in use.


If upgrading to JDE World A9.3 is in the strategic plan for an organization, keep in mind that the Operating System (OS) supported by PTQ must be the latest, V7R1. If all of this is in place, Spinnaker Support consultancy can help plan and execute the upgrade with the internal team.

However, if an upgrade is not the plan or budget for 2013, the Spinnaker Support Q Series Integrator Solution could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Cost of Other Options
Other options include migrating to a non-JDE ERP and/or Payroll system that deliver the necessary payroll tax integrations or developing a solution internally or through a partner. By Spinnaker Support’s estimates, these options could cost a minimum of $350,000.

Outsourcing the payroll application to a third-party solution could also prove to be a costly solution as many price per employee per month. As an example, you could pay a minimum of $25 per employee per month. If the organization has 350 employees, the cost for the basic service will exceed $100,000 per year.

The Solution
The Q Series Integrator delivers real-time integration between the defined World version and the Vertex PTQ product. Implementation of the solution includes all development, testing, and consulting services, and takes an average of four weeks. The solution causes marginal interruption as all of the work can be done remotely by the Spinnaker Support team. The Integrator works flawlessly, has minimal impact, and is a more cost effective alternative to an upgrade, migration, or outsourced payroll services. The Q Series Integrator will be supported by Spinnaker Support for as long as the solution is in use.