Spinnaker Support replaces SAP-provided support, delivering superior service at an average 62% reduction in annual maintenance fees. Our alternative SAP support model provides more personalized and responsive service, full technology stack security and vulnerability protection, ongoing interoperability support, and customized code support – under a lifetime, no sunset support policy that is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013-certified.

Spinnaker Support customers often align their innovation plans with SAP’s long-term product vision, but they understand that the vendor’s vision does not necessarily align with their immediate plans and business needs. We enable them to continue the path of SAP’s vision: to save significant amounts of money on SAP support to accelerate innovation, and to smoothly reunite with SAP’s support model at a time that is right for them.

Spinnaker Support covers hundreds of SAP products, both newer and older. Our customers, mid-market to very large, run hundreds of SAP instances in more than 100 countries and span a wide range of industries.

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Third-Party Support and Vendor Support Comparison

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We are so relieved to find a maintenance partner to provide us with support for our SAP ERP at a fraction of what we were paying SAP. Our system has been very stable and has grown with our business to five subsidiaries worldwide. We needed the peace-of-mind that if anything goes wrong it would be taken care of quickly and efficiently, and Spinnaker Support gives us that.
Lamina, CEO ,