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Our clients run SAP and Oracle enterprise solutions … software and/or database. According to our clients, we consistently deliver them a higher caliber of software support and tailored managed services for a fraction of what they’ve previously paid. We help keep their SAP and Oracle solutions more highly available, adaptable through constant change, and decidedly more valuable from the instant ROI we provide.

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What is third-party software maintenance? Why are so many organizations considering it? This educational eBook, An Overview of the Exploding Third-Party Software Maintenance Market, will give you a brief overview and answer these questions.

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Customer Onboarding

For many organizations, moving from software publisher maintenance to third-party software maintenance results in superior service for a fraction of the cost. In order to mitigate the risk seen in moving business critical operations away from the software vendor, Spinnaker Support has developed a world-class customer onboarding process. This ISO 9001:2008 certified process guarantees consistency every time a new customer comes on board.

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