Delivering a groundbreaking blend of support, managed services, and consulting services to benefit any Siebel customer at any time

Siebel is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most stable, reliable, and comprehensive CRM application suites. Thousands of enterprises around the world depend on their Siebel applications to support and enable their sales, marketing, commerce, service, and social efforts. The value of Siebel support provided by Oracle has come into question over the past several years with Oracle putting fewer resources into the promotion and development of Siebel.

Spinnaker Support provides third-party support, managed services, and consulting for Siebel customers. Learn more about the services.

Our Siebel support solutions have been built around gaps we see in the Siebel market:

1. More Siebel users are seeking an effective, lower cost alternative to expensive, low return-on-investment Oracle-provided Siebel support.

  • Spinnaker Support customers gain more personalized, comprehensive Siebel support while reducing the cost of Oracle support by an average of 62%.
  • Our customers don’t pay for support of their unused Siebel shelfware licenses – a unique pricing rationalization approach.

2. Siebel users are tired of diminishing support – essentially a do-it-yourself support model – while being coerced to upgrade to newer versions or other Oracle CRM offerings.

  • Spinnaker Support provides highly responsive, concierge-style support for any Siebel version or product – including support for all the inevitable customizations made to your instance.
  • Under a lifetime support policy, we will support whatever version you are running for as long as you want to run it – no sunset policy.
  • We perform the heavy lifting at an affordable price, so our customers aren’t forced into self-support.

3. Siebel software engineering experts are becoming harder to find. Siebel users of all versions and products are seeking to augment and/or redirect in-house resources.

  • Spinnaker Support has built a global network of highly experienced Siebel gurus who are helping clients reduce support costs, augment or assume system administrative and data management tasks, lead upgrade or migration projects, configure new features and functions, or to provide interoperability guidance and support for the wider Siebel architecture ecosystem.

4. Siebel users are seeking a safe, legal third-party alternative that doesn’t introduce risk.

  • Spinnaker Support is a private company that is built to last. Fastest topline-growing provider of third-party Oracle support, and consistently profitable.
  • Spinnaker Support’s cash-on-hand and deferred revenues remain at record levels. Our cash-to-deferred revenue ratio now exceeds 1.0. This critical metric illustrates the company’s financial stability and commitment to fulfill future customer service obligations.
  • We have never violated the intellectual property rights of Oracle or SAP and have never been litigated in court.
We have selected Spinnaker Support to provide ongoing support for our entire Oracle application landscape. As the head-to-head evaluation progressed, it became crystal clear that Spinnaker Support is the best choice for Partner Communications Company Ltd. They provide an exceptionally high level of local support at an attractive price point and have quickly evolved into a natural extension of our own internal IT team. Spinnaker Support gives us great confidence going forward. They always do things the right way and consistently display in-depth Oracle application knowledge as pertains to our unique environment.
Raz Bartov, Acting CIO, Partner Communications Company, Ltd.