What do Clients Say About Spinnaker Support?

Our clients express why they chose Spinnaker Support. Here are some real quotes from real Spinnaker Support clients.

"Spinnaker Support provides the best Software Support I have seen in my 30 plus years of experience in the IT field. When I log an issue, I have every confidence that it will be resolved in a timely manner. The Support Team includes experts in every application module and each one communicates with the same patience, professionalism and expertise. Strict attention is given to our system controls for testing and applying changes to our live environment. I couldn't be happier with Spinnaker Support for our JD Edwards Support."

Cindy Morgan, IT Manager, Stanley Electric US Co., Inc

“Our company knows it can count on the reactive and effective/efficient support of Spinnaker Support for its JD Edwards applications."

– Isabelle Travert, CIO, ACO Produits Polymères

“I have dealt with many support companies during my 30 years in IT, including some of the largest support providers around, and Spinnaker is the best I have ever worked with. Their willingness to go the extra mile and their knowledge of the applications is second to none. Spinnaker is an uncomplicated company to deal with in a complicated market and since we signed our initial agreement we have never had the need to escalate any calls.”

– Phil Hawkins, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., Information Services Manager

“At first, the idea of receiving guaranteed 30-minute response times and 50% cost savings on the maintenance and support of our OneWorld applications sounded too good to be true, Spinnaker Support changed the way we thought of support services by showing us their proven support model. Now we can redeploy the cost saving onto other pressing projects and we have a named, primary support engineer who understands the ins-and-outs of our IT environment."

– Hervé Vigneron, IT Manager, Filix Products

“‘Reliability’, ‘professionalism’, ‘in-depth product knowledge’, ‘responsiveness’… most technical support organizations like to toss around catchy buzz words, but Spinnaker’s support team is one of the few I’ve encountered that actually lives up to them."

– Scott Loescher, IT Manager, Kellstrom Industries

“I have been doing business with various vendors for over 30 years and this support team is the best I have EVER seen! Spinnaker responds immediately to our requests and runs them through to completion in short order. They know our systems far better than we do and go the extra mile to help wherever they can."

– Craig Honour, CIO, BAE Systems