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Expert, Affordable Support for Your SAP Databases and Technologies

Spinnaker Support is the leading global provider of third-party support and managed services for SAP databases and technology. Spinnaker Support’s third-party software support replaces SAP’s annual support covering a range of databases, including HANA, Oracle Runtime, and ASE (Sybase), and critical technologies like SAP NetWeaver, SAP Enterprise Portal, and Access Control.

Third-party support is always at least half the cost of SAP-provided support and delivers more services through an assigned support team that knows your systems and product customizations. When switching to Spinnaker Support, SAP customers gain more comprehensive and responsive service, save on their support fees, and can remain on their chosen database and technologies for as long as they want, regardless of whether SAP has ended support for those products.

Customers trust us to keep their SAP databases and technologies running smoothly, securely, and in compliance, and to help them navigate from on-premise to hybrid to cloud when they are ready.

Why Replace SAP-Provided Support with Third-Party SAP Support

Software support is a mandatory expense, but it shouldn’t be one that drains your IT budget. Expert assistance is critical to dealing with unplanned database and technology issues, and that service should be fairly priced.

Unfortunately for organizations running stable databases and technologies, SAP support has turned towards a self-service model with slow response times and little value. SAP is always prepared to upgrade you or move you away from products like the popular Oracle Runtime Database, but if you’re not yet ready or want to implement your technology roadmap at your own pace, then third-party SAP support is well worth considering.

Thousands of global enterprises in nearly every industry have now migrated away from SAP-provided support to our third-party alternative because SAP:

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  • Raises support fees each year by 2-4%, with no material benefits.
  • Has moved to a primarily self-service model instead of immediate, live assistance.
  • Does not assist with customizations and integrations.
  • Responds far too slowly to P2 and P3 issues.
  • Tries to force them into unjustifiable upgrades or expensive cloud products.

Third-party SAP support emphasizes more proactive and comprehensive service for SAP software issues. Skilled engineers respond in minutes to your support ticket. They know you, understand your product environment, and focus on resolving your issues more quickly, regardless of the source or what personnel are required to weigh-in on the solution.

EBook Resource Library

eBook: “Quick Start Guide to a Faster Transition to Third-Party Support”

Third-party SAP HANA support services can deliver IT budget cost relief and more comprehensive and higher quality service. As you consider your fall contract renewal, it pays to remember that SAP Support is not mandatory.

This online guide features an easy-to-follow process and advice to help you quickly determine if third-party support is right for your organization.

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The Advantages of Third-Party SAP Support for Databases and Technologies

integrated with and supported a range of databases including Oracle Runtime Database and Sybase, but now that HANA is clearly the foundation of its future product strategy, your options are severely limited. The same goes for many of the older technologies that are not associated with SAP’s cloud-based product road map.

But you’ve made a major investment of budget, time, technology, and staffing to achieve a smoothly running SAP environment. Spinnaker Support can help. Our services span databases, applications, and the surrounding technologies to help ensure ongoing interoperability, regardless of whether some or all of those products are still supported by SAP.

Organizations choose Spinnaker Support because we:

  • Immediately reduce the cost of support fees by an average of 62%
  • Deliver responses in less than 15 minutes, from Level 4 senior engineers in eight operations centers
  • Supply more comprehensive coverage, including for customizations and interoperability issues
  • Help extend the life of stable, customized, and productive applications, for as long as you need
  • Offer flexible commercial terms that match your licenses and business needs
  • Provide a safe haven until other solutions become right for your business

Spinnaker Support replaces SAP-provided support in a proven, secure, and smart way – delivering superior service for over 120 products more efficiently, and at a dramatically reduced price. Our third-party support also includes technical advisory services in areas of migration and roadmap planning.

Our large, knowledgeable, and award-winning team of support engineers addresses virtually anything with SAP. Spinnaker Support SAP engineers average over 19 years of experience filling your knowledge gaps, easing your staffing constraints, and providing expert assistance for complex database and technology issues.

Included in Our Standard SAP HANA Support:

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General Inquiry Support
Security & Vulnerability Management
Technology Advisory Services

Gartner Peer Insights

“We enrolled for Spinnaker Support services to helps us handle several SAP programs technical support. The services they offer for most of our SAP products has been quite impressive and satisfactory.  

– Finance Industry, Read the full review!

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What We Support

As a third-party vendor supporting instances of SAP Databases and Technology, we are uniquely positioned to provide services around legacy products in various configurations:

  • Supported Databases

  • Supported Technologies Include

    • SAP NetWeaver
    • SAP Enterprise Portal
    • Process Integration XI / PI / PO
    • Access Control
    • ABAP
    • Application Interface Framework
    • Fiori
    • Landscape Transformation
    • Replication Server
    • SQL Anywhere
    • And more
  • Supported Operating Systems

    • Linux
    • Microsoft Windows
    • HP-UX
    • Solaris
    • IBM AIX

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