SAP Basis Managed Services:
Monitor & Maintain Package

Boost Operational Performance through Continuous SAP Monitoring & Basis Management Staffing

SAP Basis is the toolset that integrates your SAP modules, database, and operating system. Effective monitoring and Basis administration are critical for optimizing your SAP ecosystem and driving your business performance forward.

Spinnaker Support is a proven global provider of SAP Basis managed services. We provide customers with personalized, tailored service packages based on their unique environment, in-house capabilities, SAP maturity level, and IT budget. Packages include:

  • Monitor & Advise – Combines automated SAP ecosystem monitoring with sound advice from experienced Basis administrators to help you better manage your own SAP environment.
  • Monitor & Maintain – Includes automated SAP ecosystem monitoring plus direct, 24/7/365 access to assigned Basis administrators who supplement your in-house team.
  • Total Basis Management – Spinnaker Support assumes primary responsibility for your Basis administration and management.

Dive Deeper

The Monitor & Maintain package combines state-of-the-art cloud-based monitoring with direct access to your Basis administrative team, with the specific skill sets and experience levels you need to help run your specific SAP landscape.

With Spinnaker Support’s Ecosystem Monitoring, your team has the knowledge and expert assistance it needs to detect and resolve issues before the end user experience ever changes. This package is an excellent way to bring additional resources, skills, training, mentoring, and confidence to your Basis team.

Monitor & Maintain Package Features

Full SAP ecosystem monitoring We monitor your SAP applications, SAP and non-SAP databases, operating systems and other surrounding technologies through our Ecosystem Monitoring (see below).
Easy setup, configuration, and customization You only need to install a small local gateway. The single gateway (or multiple gateways for multi-location setup) is deployed securely within your network. You get a complete deployment in a matter of hours, even if your SAP environment is very large and complex. Tool installation takes two weeks, along with two weeks of customer training.
Built-in functionality and intelligence Alert management, self-healing workload and transaction analysis, coordinated process automation, dynamic service level management, correlation or root cause analytics, role-based dashboards, on-demand or scheduled reports as HTML or PDF.
Easy Access to Reports All monitoring outcomes are securely available to remote resources, your team or partners. They lay the groundwork for informed engagements with remotely located Basis service resources.
Access to Spinnaker Support certified Basis experts These dedicated, experienced Basis engineers bring all the various skill sets you need to support a wide range of tasks. These can include software configuration, performance monitoring and tuning, background job scheduling, transport management, disaster recovery, and planning updates and upgrades.
Dedicated Hours of Assistance Spinnaker Support delivers 10-15 hours a month working with customers to address issues.

Spinnaker Support Ecosystem Monitoring

Spinnaker Support Ecosystem Monitoring is a fully automated, proactive cloud-based monitoring approach that enables continuous insight into the health of your SAP environment.

This solution is equally effective for on-premise or hosted applications in AWS, Azure, and VMWare public clouds. It includes a flexible adaptor framework for extensive API integration with both on-premise and cloud-based ticketing and routing systems.

Monitoring Examples

  • Proactive tablespace monitoring allows you to avoid production stoppages due to database space.
  • Proactive trend analysis addresses issues prior to impacting month end, quarter end, and fiscal end.
  • Proactive load distribution not only for end users and batch jobs but also for server thresholds.

Support of all SAP Applications and Surrounding Technologies, including:

  • SAP Netweaver (ABAP)
  • SAP Netweaver (JAVA)
  • SAP Business Objects
  • SAP ASE (formerly Sybase)
  • Oracle Database
  • SAP HostAgent
  • Linux
  • Cloud Platforms AWS, Azure, VMWare (if hosted in public clouds)

When to Consider the Basis Managed Services Monitor & Maintain Package

  • Your organization needs continuous monitoring that spans your entire SAP ecosystem, is up and running within hours (not days), can integrate with ticket systems, and is secure and scalable.
  • Your team needs the assistance of dependable, on-call, and predictably priced Basis resources so it can focus on the most strategic initiatives.
  • You want to augment your in-house Basis team with additional skill sets that add to your current in-house capabilities.
  • You are already a Spinnaker Support customer, through our third-party SAP support, and want to consolidate your services under one vendor. We already know your SAP environment and are solving Level 4 issues as they evolve. Adding the right Level 2 and Level 3 expertise is easy for us.

Why Basis Managed Services from Spinnaker Support

Your organization depends on your SAP landscape, and its health is in the hands of your Basis team. When you need help, Spinnaker Support is an ideal alternative. Here are some reasons why:

Global Team of Experts

Our deep bench of certified Basis engineers supports legacy and new products from 8 regional centers

Proven SAP Services

Expert delivery of award-winning managed services since 2008, tailored to fit any business

Services for your entire SAP ecosystem, with coverage for over 125 SAP products and technologies

Advanced Monitoring

State-of-the-art, proactive, cloud-based solution, up and running in hours for any size organization

Blend of services & support

Basis managed services and third-party SAP software support available from a single vendor

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