Salesforce: Admin Assistance Package

Extending the Capabilities of Your In-House Staff

Spinnaker Support’s Salesforce Admin Assistance package delivers access to a trusted partner that will tackle routine tasks, and help you take advantage of new Salesforce functions and features.

With this package, you can augment your existing staff with the skills of a part-time administrator – at a predictable rate. Ideal for organizations that wish to elevate user adoption, struggle to prioritize Salesforce, and have been unable to take advantage of Salesforce updates. Start your journey to a better Salesforce experience – talk to our experts today!

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Admin Assistance Package Features

Dedicated Salesforce Administrator and a Salesforce Architect Part-time admin and architect, each with experience from dozens of clients
Comprehensive Service Catalog Covers everything from routine data loads to issue resolution to new feature implementation
Covers Seven Salesforce Products Service Cloud®, Sales Cloud®, Analytics Cloud®, Platform Cloud®, Community Cloud®, AppExchange®, Salesforce CPQ & Billing®
Release Note Monitoring We recommend innovative enhancements based on your implemented Salesforce products
Product Advisory Services Assistance with Salesforce product analysis, AppExchange analysis, data modeling, and more

When to Consider Salesforce Admin Assistance from Spinnaker Support

    • You have a part-time admin who is unable to prioritize Salesforce given competing responsibilities
    • Your organization is experiencing low user adoption and not seeing the return-on-investment expected from a Salesforce solution
    • The cost of recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a full-time Salesforce resource is prohibitive
    • You are unable to take advantage of Salesforce innovation and updates or even to know what you don’t know about Salesforce


Why Salesforce Managed Services With Spinnaker Support

Salesforce resources are difficult to attract and retain, and your organization needs to invest in plans and partners that will help to maintain a stable platform.

Spinnaker Support has built a reputation as a trusted partner and provider of support and services for CRM and other enterprise applications and technologies.

CRM Experience

10+ years of delivering CRM application support and managed services

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Offer extensive business and process acumen covering the entire enterprise infrastructure

Three Distinct Packages

Managed services packages designed for varying levels of adoption, size, and need

Established Reputatoin

A reputation for maintaining, securing, and expanding systems, with 1,100+ customers

Global Presence

Offices and engineers distributed worldwide, using ISO-certified service processes

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