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Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful platform that organizations depend on to connect better with their customers. When this Cloud is misused or under-utilized, customer service quality is jeopardized.  

Spinnaker Support is a leading Salesforce managed services provider that enables organizations to maximize their investment in the Service Cloud environment. Through a flexible, results-oriented, and solution-based partnership, Spinnaker Support provides companies with the expertise to effectively automate and streamline this complex platform so that happier customers result.  

Common Challenges with Service Cloud – Which Issues Apply to You?

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  • Coordinating multiple channels of customer engagement? 
  • Losing productivity due to bad data management? 
  • Lacking upsell and cross-sell information? 
  • Struggling with intra-department workflows? 
  • Missing insights from customer cases and contracts? 
  • Failing to implement process improvements? 

Dive Deeper

Spinnaker Support works with companies in all industries with varying project requirements, from implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. Companies rely on us for additional support to maintain a vast and complex platform such as Service Cloud. Start your journey to a better Salesforce experience – talk to our experts today!

salesforce skills gap

The Salesforce Skills Gap is Real

Salesforce expertise is one of the most in-demand skills in the marketplace today. The hiring deck is stacked in favor of the candidate, and there is little that hiring organizations can do about that in the foreseeable future. Your mission to find quality Salesforce resources will likely be expensive, time-consuming, and often frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Address It Today

Why Organizations Choose Spinnaker Support for Service Cloud Assistance: 

  • Deploy omni-channel service processes  
  • Develop streamlined and consistent experiences  
  • Enable crossselling opportunity workflows 
  • Connect Salesforce with enterprise systems  

What Sets Spinnaker Support Apart?

Spinnaker Support knows the challenges businesses face when implementing or upgrading enterprise software solutions. When you work with Spinnaker Support’s team of certified Service Cloud professionals (administrators, developers, and architects), you gain the expertise and resources needed to achieve your CRM goals.  

For over a decade, we have delivered CRM solutions to large and small companies – globally. With our understanding of Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards, Spinnaker Support is the foremost global partner for complex Salesforce/CRM and on-premise system integrations.  

The Expertise You Need. The Service You Deserve.

Salesforce Managed Services Packages:

Admin Assistance
Manage and Develop

Admin Assistance

Manage & Develop

Agile Team Delivery

Need Fulfilled Access to a trusted partner who will tackle routine tasks, and help you take advantage of new Salesforce functions and features.  Provides the dedicated resource blend you need to support the growth of your team and build out an integrated solution architecture that scales with your organization.  Embeds a dedicated delivery team(s) that practices agile methods and rapid deployment for all Salesforce needs, and functions as a long-term partner and strategic advisor. 
When to Consider You have a part-time Admin with competing responsibilities, are unable to hire additional in-house resources, and wish to improve user adoption and return-on-investment.  You are ready for the transition from using Salesforce as a point solution to a strategic platform and need dedicated resources to fuel your Salesforce adoption and growth in smart ways.  You have complex or multiple Salesforce instances, high growth expectations, and the demand for innovation shared across your many lines of business. 
  • Administrator (part-time) 
  • Architect 
  • Administrator 
  • Developer 
  • Architect 
  • Administrator(s) 
  • Developer(s) 
  • Architect(s) 
Development No Yes Yes