Break free from Oracle’s upgrade cycle.

Oracle is pushing you to upgrade, but that may not align with your IT timeline. Find out how third-party support puts you back in control of your software strategy.

In this on-demand fireside chat, IT leader Don Braaten joins Oracle expert Dave Bass to discuss how Spinnaker has given Starkey the freedom to chart their own Oracle roadmap.

What you’ll learn

  • How to address some of your biggest Oracle legacy concerns
  • Key considerations that may impact your upgrade plans
  • The role third-party support can play in your IT strategy

Who should watch

  • IT leaders and executives looking for better support with their Oracle applications
  • CIOs and CTOs contemplating cloud migration
  • Leaders of organizations who want to stay on-prem with legacy systems

Meet the speakers

Speaker: Don Braaten

Don Braaten

Manager Oracle Application Development, Starkey
Speaker: Dave Bass

Dave Bass

VP Oracle Applications Global Support Services, Spinnaker Support