[On-Demand] Migrating Your Enterprise
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Finding and Funding the Right Cloud Migration Strategy for your Business Applications

CIOs everywhere see the promises of modern, flexible, and easy to implement SaaS platforms, but many aren’t yet abandoning their legacy on-premise systems until the cloud roadmap and business case is clearer. When and how should you migrate your business applications to the cloud?

This webinar reveals:

  • Forrester Research’s new vision for business applications and why SaaS is the only way to deliver the vision.
  • Why SaaS is becoming the dominant deployment model.
  • How to identify fake-SaaS.
  • Three primary strategies for migrating to the cloud with advantages and disadvantages outline for each strategy.
  • Why increasingly more organizations are taking a maintenance vacation from SAP and Oracle to help fund their cloud migrations. In other works, switching to third-party support until they’re ready to switch to SaaS.

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Featured Speaker:

Duncan-JonesDuncan Jones

Vice President & Principal Analyst

Duncan primarily contributes to Forrester’s offerings for Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals. He is a leading expert on software pricing and licensing and helps clients understand and address the effect of technology changes on software contracts. By researching enterprises’ experience in dealing with large software vendors, including their negotiation successes and the problems they encountered later in the relationship, Duncan helps clients create and execute sound negotiation strategies and get advantageous software license and maintenance agreements.