Third-Party Support and Information Security White Paper

Organizations that utilize software vendors for software support feel they might be exposed from a security perspective should they transition to Spinnaker Support. This paper addresses how we handle security to ensure our customers are covered.

The SAP and Oracle Cloud: A Market Report & Strategy Framework

The migration to cloud computing for enterprise applications is a complicated undertaking. Big vendors are pushing customers to move to the cloud without clear roadmaps. Read more about the market assessment and a smarter path to the cloud.

Dun & Bradstreet: Smart Strategies for Business Cost Optimisation – An Indian Perspective

Dun & Bradstreet in association with Spinnaker Support has prepared this exclusive report. This report brings out the importance of business cost optimisation and explores the possibility of cost optimisation, specifically in terms of support services for ERP systems.

Building the Case for Third-Party SAP & Oracle Support – A Guide for Procurement & Sourcing Professionals

We have developed this guide for procurement and sourcing professionals to help navigate concerns from other stakeholders in the organization to ensure the best decision for your organization regarding Oracle or SAP software support is made. Click the title for the paper or here for the infographic.

Is Third-Party Support Right for Your Organization?

Analyzing the operational, legal, and financial implications of the third-party option to help you determine if it is right for you. Click the title for the paper or here for the infographic.