Should Midmarket Leaders Switch to Third Party Support? 

This presentation by Gartner’s Pat Phelan discusses how to evaluate whether the money spent on your ERP vendor’s maintenance agreement supports the enterprise’s business goals, when cancelling the ERP vendor’s maintenance agreement is a good business decision, available alternative support options, etc.

Building the Case for Third-Party SAP & Oracle Support – A Guide for Procurement & Sourcing Professionals

We have developed this guide for procurement and sourcing professionals to help navigate concerns from other stakeholders in the organization to ensure the best decision for your organization regarding Oracle or SAP software support is made. Click the title for the paper or here for the infographic.

What to Consider Before Canceling Your ERP Vendor’s Maintenance Agreement and Switching to Third-Party Support

This Gartner research was written by Pat Phelan and published on July 13, 2015 in response for the growing number of inquiries about third-party support that Gartner has seen.

Is Third-Party Support Right for Your Organization?

Analyzing the operational, legal, and financial implications of the third-party option to help you determine if it is right for you. Click the title for the paper or here for the infographic.

Extending ERP’s Lifecycle with Third-party Maintenance

This report by Aberdeen Group provides strong validation of the third-party  maintenance (3PM) market and illustrates the reasons why companies are  moving from vendor maintenance to 3PM.