IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. Extends Support of JD Edwards Xe Release


  • IXYS UK Westcode has come to trust Spinnaker Support to provide first-class application and technical support, as well as savvy management of cost, time, and quality.
  • Support for the IXYS UK Westcode Xe applications since 2008, ensuring the software remains supported past the vendor’s end of support date.
  • IXYS UK Westcode has been able to maximize the initial software investment without pressure to upgrade.
  • Around the clock access to expert level technical and functional support staff who are willing to “go the extra mile.”
IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. Extends Support of JD Edwards Xe Release


Since the early part of the 20th Century, IXYS UK Ltd. has been at the forefront of power semiconductor design. Supporting a truly worldwide and incredibly diverse market place, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd (IXYS UK) has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high power semiconductors. In 2012, Westcode changed its name to IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., consolidating its position within the IXYS global semiconductor organisation.IXYS UK Westcode successfully implemented JD Edwards Xe B7333 in 2003/2004 as part of a long-term strategic goal to improve business effectiveness and remain at the forefront of an increasingly competitive market. For a specialized high-tech semiconductor company of their size, implementing a top-tier ERP solution was a significant investment both financially and in terms of the effort. Post-implementation, there were no compelling business reasons to follow the vendor proposed upgrade path to the latest JD Edwards/Oracle solutions. The existing system was stable and met the needs of the business, so there was little appetite to undertake a ‘re-implementation’ onto new platform or application releases. Taking this into account, along with the on-going ownership costs, it was decided to consider third-party maintenance.


IXYS UK Westcode considered various maintenance solutions. An Oracle solution was considered of minimal value due to the limited availability of lifetime support for Xe. This option would have forced the business into unnecessary and expensive upgrades. Another option was to purchase support through a traditional JD Edwards consultancy. However, this solution could not guarantee a long-term commitment of resources and was considered by IXYS UK Westcode an expensive and risky option.

Engaging a recognized and trusted JD Edwards support and third-party maintenance provider was deemed to be  the best all-around solution, and Spinnaker Support was determined to be the best provider in the market. They were a recognized and trusted name within the third-party maintenance market, offered technical and application support services encompassing all disciplines and platforms, and were the best fit for a long-term solution and partner relationship.

Options were presented to the board and the recommendation to move maintenance services to Spinnaker Support was approved.


Spinnaker Support was selected as the partner of choice because their solution offered comparable full-support services to those offered by the OEM, and more. Not only could they support the existing application, but they were able to offer ‘bug fix’ options for current and future customisation, when required – greatly reducing the perceived risks of moving to a third-party provider. Spinnaker Support was able to provide IXYS UK Westcode with a guarantee of long-term quality support at a substantial cost savings, while enabling them to stay on their current JDE release.


The support service has proved to be very successful. Subsequent to the signing of their initial contract, longer-term agreements have been put in place, and Spinnaker Support has become a trusted and integral part of the team supporting the IXYS UK Westcode applications. The management team is delighted with the professionalism, attitude, knowledge, and response times they receive from the Spinnaker Support team. Calls logged are responded to in less than 10 minutes, often with someone already signed into the system and working on the issue. Spinnaker Support is now seen as the long-term, strategic partner for IXYS UK Westcode JDE support.

“I have dealt with many support companies during my 30 years in IT, including some of the largest support providers around, and Spinnaker is the best I have ever worked with. Their willingness to go the extra mile and their knowledge of the applications is second to none”, says Phil Hawkins, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., Information Services Manager. “Spinnaker is an uncomplicated company to deal with in a complicated market and since we signed our initial agreement we have never had the need to escalate any calls.”