Only Spinnaker Support helps you save while making your Database investment more Available, Adaptable, and Valuable.CIO Review Award

According to nearly 500 clients worldwide, we consistently deliver a higher caliber of software support and tailored managed services for a fraction of what they’ve previously paid.

Spinnaker Support ensures your Oracle Database is more:

Available – reduce risks and quickly resolve productivity-robbing outages and slowdowns, across servers, locations, and business units.

Adaptable – respond quickly to changes in business conditions including seasonal peaks and reorganization, and technical advancements such as mobile sales and service, cloud integration and migration, and analytics.

Valuable – increase capabilities and deliver more business value while controlling – and cutting – ever-increasing costs.

Spinnaker Support’s Oracle Database support services include:

  • Troubleshooting Support
  • General Inquiries and Expert Guidance
  • Managed Services for Database Management

Troubleshooting Support

Reduce risks and quickly resolve productivity-robbing outages and slowdowns across servers, locations, and business units. When your Oracle Database system misbehaves, our Oracle Database support team will respond in minutes to resolve the issue, 24 x 7 x 365.

Spinnaker Support delivers personalized, one-to-one service with an assigned Account Support Lead backed up by a team of skilled engineers who are familiar with your deployment. They guide you through root-cause analysis of systems issues. With them as your first responders, most issues are solved right the first time.

Unlike software publishers, we support the modifications that are essential for so many enterprises. Imagine getting bug fixes when you need them, not if or when the publisher gets around to it.

Our unique “no sunset” support policy guarantees you service for as long as you want – on the version you are running. You will gain faster problem resolution to ensure your system is up and running with high availability. You get a tailored solution that always safeguards intellectual property rights.

General Inquiries and Expert Guidance

We are ready to help you with questions about Oracle Database technology, such as error messages, performance problems, roles and rights, configurations, data loading, and change management.As your “safe choice” business partner, we advise of possible risks and solutions. We have ISO 9001:2008 certification on our processes including customer onboarding, and a proactive service management process to help you identify upcoming or changing software needs to support the strategic direction of your organization.

Imagine responding quickly to changes in business and technology. Spinnaker Support infuses expert-level application and technology guidance in vital areas that include interoperability, virtualization, cloud integration and migration, system lifecycle management, and change management. Spinnaker Support helps you address concerns such as customizations, seasonal peaks, reorganizations, mobility, and analytics.  These advisory capabilities help ensure that your Oracle Database system remains effective for as long as you require.

Managed Services for Database Management

Imagine getting extra help when you need it, how you need it – without getting locked into expensive, ever-expanding projects. Spinnaker Support is the only third-party support provider that offers managed services for enterprises running Oracle Databases. We help clients manage, maintain, and continuously improve their application experience by offering a choice: contracted managed services, or a combination of managed services bundled with our world-class software support.

Keep your system running well and improve how your people and systems work together. We help you manage access rights and system environments such as log files and tablespaces. We help you tune performance, improve business processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and learn best practices in areas such as Oracle Database interoperability, security, cloud migration, and risk management.

We help you to extend the capabilities of your Database system by providing development support to make your system do new things, particularly to fit company or industry-specific needs such as database and warehouse design, loading, extraction, partitioning, load balancing, workflow, triggers, workflow, and analytics.

Greater Support for Lower Cost

Increase capabilities and deliver more business value while controlling – and cutting – ever-increasing costs. Our worldwide team of Oracle Database support and managed services experts average nearly 20 years of enterprise software experience. They collaborate to provide timely and often-innovative solutions from simpler software-related inquiries to complex technology questions.

Our customers avoid costly upgrades, forced migrations, eventual loss of future bug fixes, and end-of-life support price increases. Customers experience even greater gains by combining Oracle Database support with their Oracle or SAP enterprise application support. All of this is delivered at a fraction of the software publisher’s price.

Now is the time to consider third-party Oracle Database support services from Spinnaker Support.