Global Support Teams Enhance Service as New Enterprise Trends Emerge

Denver – May 12, 2009 – Spinnaker Support, a leading supply chain consulting and execution firm, today announced growth results from their application support services business, featuring technical support for the JD Edwards software platform. Spinnaker Support has seen extensive growth in the past 6 months and today they serve over 70 enterprises that manage mission-critical systems on the JD Edwards platform.

According to a report1 issued in March 2009 by Gartner, Inc., “The biggest benefit of moving to a third party for business application support is the reduction in maintenance and support costs. A likely reduction is typically 30% to 50% of whatever the user is paying to the application vendor for product maintenance and support… Another benefit of using a third party provider occurs if customers have reached the end-of-support life for a product and the vendor is no longer providing a full set of support services. Application break/fix or other support services must be purchased, and the rates from a third-party are usually less than the application vendor’s rates.”

Matt Stava, Spinnaker Support Co-Founder and Managing Principal reports, “Despite the recent news that some software providers are offering a temporary hold on planned price increases for maintenance, our teams around the globe are seeing a spike in demand for our services – partly driven by corporations seeking to cut costs while retaining high-value services and partly because the JD Edwards platform reliably serves their global needs.”

“Spinnaker Support provides a team of seasoned experts to tailor solutions for each customer’s particular needs,” continued Stava. “Our customers enjoy knowing that our support teams offer unparalleled expertise; each team member brings an average of 13 years of JD Edwards experience to quickly address client needs.”

“In my 30 years of IT management, Spinnaker Support’s team is the best I have ever seen,” declared Craig Honour, CIO at Atlantic Marine, a shipyard operator with facilities stretching up the eastern United States. Honour was particularly impressed by Spinnaker Support’s knowledge of Atlantic Marine’s customized platform and their responsiveness, “They know our systems far better than we do and Spinnaker Support responds immediately to our requests and runs them through to completion in short order.”

Spinnaker Support observes this growth in third party support services in Europe, as well. Seeking more customized, cost-effective support, Filix s.a., a French apparel company, selected Spinnaker Support. “At first, the idea of receiving guaranteed 30-minute response times and 50% cost savings on the maintenance and support of our OneWorld applications sounded too good to be true,” said Hervé Vigneron, IT Manager at Filix. “Spinnaker Support changed the way we thought of support services by showing us their proven support model. Now we can redeploy the cost saving onto other pressing projects and we have a named, primary support engineer at Spinnaker Support who understands the ins-and-outs of our IT environment.”

Spinnaker continues to grow at a fast clip as clients realize they have the option to cut costs while improving their application support through 24×7 customer service and robust JD Edwards expertise.

“With offices in London, Singapore and our Denver headquarters, we can offer our clients global support, which is unique in the JD Edwards space,” says Stava, explaining how Spinnaker Support can provide around-the-clock service. “We provide value added services like tax and regulatory services and it’s our proactive service model that clients really appreciate,” added Stava.

About Spinnaker Support

Founded in 2002, Spinnaker Support leads the industry with innovative supply chain solutions to ensure that clients remain competitive in the global marketplace. Spinnaker Support’s services include supply chain consulting, supply chain execution and application support services. Spinnaker Support serves a range of customers from Fortune 500 companies to start-up enterprises, most of whom are market leaders in their respective industries; including semiconductor manufacturers, energy companies, telecommunications companies, and the food and beverage industry. Spinnaker Support delivers supply chain excellence with world-class people, processes, technology, and operational know-how. Since Headquartered in Denver, Spinnaker Support offices are also located in Boston, Singapore, and London.

(1) Gartner, Inc. “Q&A on Switching to a Third Party for ERP, SCM and CRM Maintenance and Support Services” by Pat Phelan and Bob Igou, March 16, 2009