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Session # 97130
How Top Organizations Invest in their Human Capital Supply Chain
Sunday, April 22nd
3:20 pm - 4:20 pm


Session # 103850
Your JD Edwards - Decide Now
Wednesday, April 25th
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Session # 102210
Solve Big Problems with
Smaller Effort
Thursday, April 26th
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Collaborate 12

Best odds in Vegas: Collaborate 2012

Spinnaker Support – Booth #830

Winning in Las Vegas takes a combination of science, art and skill – but every deck has the same cards.


With your ERP system, the stakes are higher, the variables infinite – and you can’t afford to lose.

Older releases of JD Edwards lose premier support in December 2013, leaving you with some risky choices. The wrong bet could be costly, and you need to decide now: upgrade your JD Edwards applications, or find alternative solutions?

Stack the deck in your favor with Spinnaker Support:.

  • Stay: Keep your current JD Edwards system at top performance with maintenance from Spinnaker Support.
  • Split: Get operational and help desk support for an ERP platform migration.
  • Double Down: Plan and execute a 9.x upgrade with our JD Edwards consultancy.

Don’t get stuck with a losing hand in 2013 -- let Spinnaker Support help you decide now.

Wherever your company falls on the ERP decision continuum, Spinnaker Support can help you plan, decide and execute. We’ll apply our formal process to align your company’s internal needs and expectations, evaluate your options, and define long-term strategies for your company’s JD Edwards software investments. Spinnaker Support is unique in providing truly objective JD Edwards guidance -- we have no hidden agenda, just solutions.


Come visit Spinnaker Support at Booth #830